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Trust Board

The Pioneer Academy Trust Board is constituted to create robust and challenging governance across our schools, realising the ambitions and aspirations for high achievement.  Building on the excellence of the quality of governance, the Multi Academy Trust Board will bring synergy to the leadership, management and policy framework for all schools.

The Trust Board is made up of members of the management team, key stakeholders and invited partners who ensure an equality of opportunity for all schools during the decision making processes of The Pioneer Academy and to be a part of the wider organisation at a strategic level. The Trustees monitor performance of our schools in the light of the quality improvement framework presented at Trust Board meetings. Trustees also monitor the Trust performance by way of regular reports from the CEO against the strategic objectives.

The Trust Board meets eight times a year and is supported in its work by the Company Secretary and Company Clerk.

The Trustees work collectively as a group and are accountable to the wider community for the delivery of the best possible educational, pastoral and support service.  The Trust Board has overall responsibility for the management and administration of The Pioneer Academy: the operations of all schools, with some responsibilities delegated to the School Board of each school. The School Boards are legally functioning committees of the Trustees Board. They will meet termly and have special interest governors, looking after such aspects as standards, resources and buildings and premises.  The day to day management of the schools is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer, Director of Education, Head Teachers, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Officer and members of the senior management team.

The Regional Scrutiny Board includes: Chief Executive Officer, Director of Education or Chief Finance Officer, School Board Governor with specific responsibilities in that area, the Head Teacher or School Business Manager for each school.


Burnt Oak Governors

Staff Governors

Ms V Denman - Head Teacher 

Community Governors

Mr T Brightwell

Mrs K Clayton -  Chair of Governors

Mr S Hughes - Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs B McManus

Mrs N Muller

Mr J Royle

Mrs L Schoonees

Mrs L Wainwright  

Parent Governors

Mr D Coombes

Mr O Lawal

Mrs N Matharu



The Pioneer Academy recognises the intrinsic link between high quality governance and the quality of leadership and management of the school. The Pioneer Academy endorses the key qualities evident in the successful leadership of governors in general and chairs of governors in particular as highlighted by OfSTED:

  • Vision
  • Analytical Skills
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Energy
  • Decisive Action
  • Toughness
  • The Ability to Challenge
  • Enthusiasm


The model of governance across The Pioneer Academy is central to the principle of promoting local freedom and governance for schools to take control of their own destiny. A key principle that drives The Pioneer Academy, is that each school will be as autonomous as the quality of education it provides dictates.  There is a clear delegated framework for governance at Trust Board and School Board level that makes the responsibilities of both the Trust Board and each School Board explicit. 

governance diagram
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