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Year 3

In Year 3, we are committed to learning through a variety of ways; immersing the children in all subjects. Engaging the children in every lesson ensure lessons are full of energy and depth, and also allow all children to access the curriculum. Running throughout all our lessons are the IPC Personal Goals (including respect, communication, thoughtfulness and cooperation), which help all the children to become well-rounded individuals.

Throughout year 3, we study a range of genres through our text choices, such as Ug, Stone Age Boy, and a favourite with all the children, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Opportunities are provided for the children to write a range of genres and they are encouraged to develop in varied styles. All our texts are linked with our IPC topics, which begins with Footprints from the past, about Dinosaurs and Prehistoric life, and finishes off very nicely with Rainforests and Chocolate (which all the children enjoy).

In maths, Using the White Rose scheme of learning we are reviewing our understanding of key mathematical skills that have been developed in Key Stage One. With the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract learning new mathematical strategies are then taught, moving the children towards written methods and the use of more effective strategies.

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