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At Burnt Oak Junior School we focus our teaching of History and Geography through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) topics across each year group. 



The IPC provides certain key learning goals, which we use to help plan a varied and exciting curriculum for the children.

During their time at Burnt Oak Junior School, children learn how:

  • To gather information from a variety of sources (including books, video, internet, drama and role play, visiting speakers and trips.)
  • To place events, people and changes into chronological order.
  • To describe and identify reasons for and results of historical events.
  • History affects lives of people in the present.
  • The history of one country affects another.

Highlights of our history topics include:

Year 3: Learning about people from history who have made a real difference to the world and dressing up as their favourite historical figure.

Year 4: Spending the day on “The Golden Hinde” and dressing up in role to experience life as a Tudor explorer 500 years ago.

Year 5: Shooting off into the starts to learn about “The Space Race” and how discoveries from the past have a major influence on the present.

Year 6: Travelling through the “Time Tunnel” to experience life as a child evacuee during World War Two.

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